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Quick mobile access to lecture presentations

A possible quick win for mobile users…

Once lecturers have a finished lecture presentation, the file can be saved to PDF, then stored in the content collection area with public permission set.

A QR Code can then be created using the permanent URL for the PDF, this QR Code can then be added to the end of the presentation.

At the end of the lecture, the slide with the QR Code on is displayed, as students are leaving they can take a photo of the code (for accessing later) or use a smartphone app to scan the code, this will then load the PDF directly to the smartphone, allowing immediate access to the slides just viewed.

As the file is a PDF, other apps can be used to allow notes to be added directly to the PDF.

The use of the QR Code also allows tracking of its use, therefore you are able to see how many times the code was scanned.

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