Mobile Access to Learning and Teaching at the University of Northampton

About MALT

This MALT project blog has been created by the Learning Technology team at the University of Northampton, to collect together ideas, examples and case studies of mobile learning, across formal and informal contexts, which are relevant to higher education.

The posts in this blog are categorised by the type of learning activities that they support. These categories are derived from Laurillard’s Conversational Frameworks for mediated, collaborative and experiential learning, which outline the processes necessary for effective learning to take place, across a range of contexts or environments. The categories used here focus on the activities common to both formal (mediated) and informal (experiential) learning.

We hope that this collection of resources will prove useful for individual members of staff looking for ideas to use in their teaching, as well as outlining a broader picture of tools and techniques available to support the mobile learner, in both formal and informal contexts. We plan to use this resource as a continually updated review of good practice, which will help to inform further developments supporting mobile learning across the institution.

We welcome contributions to this resource. If you would like to recommend a paper or project for inclusion here, please contact the Learning Technology team at: Similarly, if you have used any of the learning designs mentioned here, please feel free to add comments about your experiences.

For more information on the Conversational Frameworks, see:
Laurillard, D. (2007). “Pedagogical forms for mobile learning: framing research questions”. In: Pachler, N. (ed.) Mobile learning: towards a research agenda. London: WLE Centre, IoE, pp. 153-75.
Available online at: [Accessed 4th January 2011]

For more details on how the frameworks have been adapted, view the slides from our presentation on the MALT project at the Durham Blackboard Usergroup Conference.

For more information about the MALT project, to make a suggestion about this resource, or to get advice on implementing or adapting any of these ideas (Northampton staff only), please contact the Learning Technology team at:

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