Mobile Access to Learning and Teaching at the University of Northampton

Mobile simulations


This paper reviews the use of mobile devices to run simulation activities – authentic scenarios that require learners to respond to information provided, and make judgements and decisions in real time. These scenarios create a “virtual context” where the simulated events take place, independent of physical location and social surroundings. The paper focuses on a flood disaster simulation, which used SMS (text messaging) to communicate with students. Students responded with decisions which altered the virtual environment, and then reviewed their decisions in a written assessment.
The project was evaluated using questionnaires and a small number of interviews. Responses indicated a high level of engagement, and an appreciation of the authenticity of the tasks.

You will need:


Cornelius, S. & Marston, P. (2009) Towards an understanding of the virtual context in mobile learning. ALT-J: Research in Learning Technology 17 (3), 161-72.
Available online at: [Accessed Jan 2011]


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